Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

It’s not hard to feel inspired by the magic of Christmas at Deans Court. From the start of December our house and grounds are alive with activity as we bake mince pies for the cafe, host festive workshops and turn up the tunes in the home store.

Christmas is certainly not all about the presents but giving is at the heart of the holiday and there’s nothing more satisfying that knowing you’ve chosen someone you love something special. If you, or the person buying you a gift, are struggling for inspiration then read on, as in our gift guide below we’ve chosen an unusual and unique collection of presents that are sure to delight on Christmas morning. All are available from our home store and if you join us at our late night Christmas shopping event on Thursday 13th December we’ll be offering an additional 10% off as well as complementary mince pies and mulled wine. So, we suggest you read below (and maybe, not-so-subtly, forward to boyfriends and husbands) and get the shopping done early so you can enjoy the festivities without the panic of buying presents looming over you.


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Hand Thrown Coffee Mugs

Available in a range of brightly coloured and muted tones.

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Coloured Candles and Candle Sticks

For those people that love to decorate their homes and create the perfect scene, whether it be for dinner parties, kitchen suppers or just cosy nights in, then a selection of coloured candles and candle holders are an ideal gift. Mix and match from our collection.

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Patterned Mugs

Everyone knows that a cup of something hot tastes so much better when it comes in a nice mug. Our collection of patterned mugs are decorated in unusual and charming designs and are perfectly sized to provide a satisfyingly large cup of tea or coffee. Ideal for anyone that cares about the little things in life.

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Cleaning Brushes

This is not a present for your wife, girlfriend or mother. But for a best-friend, or someone who won’t take a gift of a scrubbing brush as an indication that their house is untidy, then these Redecker and Iris Hantverk cleaning products are ideal. Made from entirely natural materials, including untreated beechwood and horsehair, each brush is a work of art and helps add a bit of pleasure to even the most tedious tasks.


Festive Candles

The Botanical Candle Co have the most gorgeous selection of festive smelling, soy wax candles, and burning them makes everything feel SO Christmassy! Handmade just down the road from us in Shaftesbury, this is a local company with a lot of heart, their candles not only smell beautiful but being made from soy they contain no paraffins and therefore won’t make you cough or stain your walls.

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Enamel Kitchenware

Our selection of plain and patterned enamel kitchenware is hardwearing and extremely practical. It’s also very cool and perfect for anyone that likes anything industrial or unusual in their home.


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Block Printed Nightwear

Never neglect your nightwear. Treat your most stylish friends to one of our beautiful Indian block printed pyjamas sets and nighties or wool slippers. Each pair of pyjamas comes in their own bag.

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Shop our selection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Perfect for jewellery lovers or anyone that likes to sparkle.


Cashmere Heart Jumpers and Patterned Scarves

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A small purse is a handbag essential and we have all styles and sizes in our home store. Choose from lux velvet or these delicate botanical purses which have been hand embroidered in Sussex.


Wool Jumper and Faux Fur Collars

Idea for anyone that likes to stay cosy and stylish.


Liberty Print Wash Bags


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Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 15.02.52.png

Organic Beauty Products

Natalie Bond creates completely natural, organic skincare products. They smell delicious and are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

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Soap and Flannel Duos

Choose your colour of soap and style of flannel and we’ll wrap them together in a ribbon for you.


Priddy Essentials Fragrances

Their classic flavours fly off our shelves quicker than we can restock them and we’re delighted to introduce their newest scents in time for Christmas.


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Dog Mugs

The perfect present for anyone who’s in love with their pooch.

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Felt Animal Decorations

Delight an animal lover and gift them a Christmas decoration they will absolutely love.

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